Lowndes Co. officials warn residents of rabid bats

By: Noelani Mathews
August 22, 2016

LOWNDES CO., Ga. (WCTV) -- As people in Lowndes County continue to enjoy the warm weather, so are wild animals, such as rabid bats.

County officials say not all bats have rabies, but the majority they've collected and tested have carried the virus.

This month, two dogs on Robin Lane were exposed to a rabid bat.

Animal Services says in the past year, people have been exposed to three cases of rabies due to the wild animal.

They say bats are just as common as mice, and can easily get into your home.

They're telling residents to be aware of any unusual behavior, and to make sure your home is bat-proof by Fall.

"They're not choosy", says Paige Dukes, Public Information Officer. "They're creatures of convenience, so anywhere that you have a home where it has not been repaired. They can get in your attic or sometimes steeples and churches, really anywhere that they feel safe where they can congregate is where they're going to come in."

Dukes says it is illegal to kill a bat, and to call Animal Services if one is in your home.

Anyone that comes in contact with one should seek medical attention.