Lowndes County Emergency Management preparing for more rain

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By: WCTV Eyewitness News
December 5, 2018

LOWNDES COUNTY, Ga. (WCTV) -- Officials with Lowndes County Emergency Management are monitoring the weather forecast and preparing for the possibility of more heavy rainfall this weekend.

In light of a recent update from the National Weather Service in Tallahassee, officials released the following statement about the upcoming expected rain:

"Forecast projections at the National Weather Service indicate Lowndes County could receive 2-4 inches of isolated rain with heavy amounts possible over an 18 hour period that could begin Saturday afternoon. The weather is forecast to be fast moving and projected to impact communities across South Georgia.

"Flash flooding could occur if rain totals exceed the current projection of 2-4 inches. Current conditions add a level of seriousness to the impact additional rainfall could have. Any property that has the potential to flood due to heavy rain or run-off should be considered and secured in advance of this rain event.

"Due to the dry period Lowndes County is experiencing this week, water from this past weekend continues to dissipate which will help rivers and drainage systems manage additional rainfall. However, rain that falls north of Lowndes County will impact our rivers at an existing minor flood stage level. This could result in flood levels that have the potential to impact some structures.

"Public Works crews will be spending this week opening and clearing pipes. Residents should remove any yard debris or burn pile debris that may have been left in drainage ditches. This material will prevent the flow of water and could result in localized flooding.

"Lowndes County Fire Rescue will be checking with residents in flood prone areas. Please do not wait to the last minute to evacuate if you think you are going to do so. Swift water rescue increases the likelihood of injury to both citizens and first responders.

"Road closures remain across unincorporated Lowndes County. The vast majority of these repairs cannot begin until road beds and repair materials dry. This is not going to occur with more rain on the way. Please know repairs will begin as soon as conditions improve. Depending upon the extent of the repair, it may take 4-6 weeks to fully restore some infrastructure. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

"Officials and staff will continue to coordinate with the National Weather Service to monitor conditions. Citizens will be updated as more information becomes available."

Heavy rains last weekend damaged several roads throughout the county and led officials to cancel school due to the poor travel conditions.

For more information, visit www.lowndescounty.com.

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