Marvin Wilson shares more of his message via video comments

Courtesy: Greg Oyster | 247Sports
Courtesy: Greg Oyster | 247Sports(WCTV)
Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 2:13 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (247Sports) -- Florida State senior defensive tackle used the social media platform Twitter on the early morning hours of Thursday to voice his disagreement with how a conversation between he, and fellow players, went with their head coach Mike Norvell with regards to current unrest and concerns over inequality and racism.

His comments obviously resulted in a strong ripple effect. Since that time, Norvell has met with his players - with that happening Thursday morning. Multiple players have voiced support of how that meeting went and that the situation has been handled internally.

Wilson took to his Instagram on Thursday afternoon to share the latest from him pertaining to the subject matter and shared an impassioned speech on why he feels he must be vocal during these tumultuous times. He also shared this message via his Twitter, including the video below.

“Took a stand [and] we got what we wanted,” Wilson tweeted. “We are moving forward [speaking emoji with exclamations]. I appreciate Coach Norvell for encouraging me to use my platform and speak for what me and my teammates believe in. Be the change that you needed when you was growing up. [black fist emoji] [black praying hands emoji].”

A transcript of Wilson’s comments are below:

“Coming back around full circle. Yesterday I took a stand that was not only for me to FSU football, not even for athletes in general, it is for big George Floyd, black people in general, for our oppression that we’ve been going through for over 400 years. I want to say shout out to Colin Kaepernick for really being the first athlete I ever saw really take a stand for something that he believed in. And I believe thoroughly that black people has been oppressed for way too long in America.”

“Now moving forward, we met as a team today, coming together. And we want to do three things.”

“One, everybody on the team is going to be registered voters going forward. That we're gonna have our say-so in this next election, I encourage everybody, every black person, every athlete, anybody that has a say-so that's willing to vote to go out and vote when we have this next election.”

“Number two, we are going to move forward and we are going to do different fundraisers and different things like that going forward to help give money to organizations to help send black kids to college because we need more more doctors, we need more lawyers, we need more politicians, we need more people with say-so of color.”

“Number three, what we're gonna do is we want to do more fundraisers and to help kids around Tallahassee. You know, I've been in Tallahassee for four years now and so many schools around Tallahassee are below the poverty line. This is so many schools. You have some schools that are almost 100-percent on free lunch. You’ve got kids, fifth grade kids that are taking care of their first or second grade little brother or sister. Going home, because their momma is out working all night long trying to provide, to keep the lights on at night.”

“As a black man, as me, really had to see that growing up, that hurt. Going back and seeing different kids go through the same struggles that I had to fight growing up. Just me, being a man of color, I want to be that change. I want to be that guy to go out with all these tattoos on my body in a year or two, showing these kids that yeah I’ve got all these tattoos, I’ve got all this stuff going on with my body, I probably have earrings on, I might have a chain on, but at the same time I’m going to be a millionaire, an educated millionaire with a degree, and I'll be able to tell them kids that you can be whatever you want in this world if you put your mind to it and you work hard, because you come from royalty, you are black, and you should be proud of that. You stand for something. You mean something. You have a story to tell and a story that needs to be heard, no matter what, you are special.”

“I want to tell little girls that they are special. That they mean something. That we need our black women. Please stop oppressing our black women and build them up, show them that they are worth something.”

”Show that our black men today are not thugs. They are more than an athlete. Homeboy you can go be a doctor or a lawyer if you want to be. You can be whatever you want to be in the world if you put your mind to it. If you work hard, because no matter what you do in life, it's gonna be hard. There is going to be challenges, there is going to be naysayers, there's gonna be people that gonna say you can't do it. As long as you got your mind, you got that knowledge, you can do whatever you want in this world.”

”My mama said all the time, ‘Marv, there are two things I’ll never be able to take from you in life. 1. God. 2. Is you education.’ Because an educated black man is the most dangerous thing in America. The most dangerous. No matter what nobody say, you feel me. We need to band together as family, to take this take this over with, to be something different.”

“I love you all bro. Stay safe. Stay black. You feel me.”

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