Officer who punched Miami football fan cleared of wrongdoing

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By: Associated Press
November 30, 2017

MIAMI (AP) - A Florida police officer who punched a female football fan on video has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Earlier this month, a videotape showed a University of Miami football fan slap an officer, who then punches her in the head. Bridget Freitas, a 30-year-old nurse, was charged with felony battery on a police officer and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The incident occurred as Miami-Dade Police officer Douglas Ross and fellow officers tried to carry her out of the stands.

According to a report provided on Wednesday to The Miami Herald, Ross's supervisors found the 18-year veteran's actions were within departmental rules.

Miami-Dade police Director Juan Perez acknowledged it didn't look good, but said officers don't distinguish between males and females when throwing a punch.

Within hours, the video was shared on Twitter more than 3,000 times and posted on numerous websites. The video can be found near the bottom of this page.

By: Associated Press
November 6, 2017

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (AP) - Police have charged a 30-year-old woman with felony battery on a police officer for her part in a videotaped altercation at a University of Miami football game.

Police said Bridget Freitas slapped an officer while being carried out during Miami's win Saturday over Virginia Tech at Hard Rock Stadium.

A video posted on Twitter shows three officers carrying Freitas, who is wearing a Miami jersey. Freitas flails at one officer and misses, then slaps him in the face. The officer then hits her in the face with his fist.

Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said in an email Sunday that the department is examining the video to make sure proper procedures were followed.

Jail records do not show Freitas being held Sunday afternoon. She did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

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