Mom warns parents, after son finds meth in used video game

Photo: Kayla McAllister
Photo: Kayla McAllister(WCTV)
Published: May. 10, 2017 at 7:09 PM EDT
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By: Julie Montanaro

May 10, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- A mom posted the photo on Facebook, claiming her 11-year-old son found a baggie of meth inside his newest video game.

She says she had just bought it at a Tallahassee GameStop.

Kayla McAllister never imagined the used game could have such a dangerous surprise inside.

She says she came forward to warn other parents.

"It was unbelievable."

Kayla McAllister says she bought a used version of Grand Theft Auto from GameStop Sunday.

A few hours later, her 11 year old son found a baggie tucked inside.

"It was a baggie of methamphetamine," McAllister said.

A Gadsden Sheriff's Office report confirms the substance later tested positive for meth.

"That whole night I spent watching my daughter sleep. That's the only thing that makes me emotional about it, because my son's old enough to know to throw it away or bring it to an adult, but she could have been the one to get it," McAllister said. "She's three."

We went to the GameStop on West Tennessee Street where she bought the game. The manager on duty had no comment and referred us to their corporate office.

A spokesman there telling us GameStop works "diligently to ensure the quality of our pre-owned items are like new. Unfortunately in this circumstance our thorough process fell short."

We ran into customer David Pye in the parking lot.

"What?" he said upon hearing of the meth claims. "That's crazy. I would never have thought of anything like that."

Pye says he occasionally buys used games for his cousins.

'Will you look twice now?"

"Twice, three times, four times," he said.

McAllister says she won't be going back to GameStop.

She says she has since learned of a similar incident in Louisiana and wants GameStop to do a better job of checking those pre-owned games.

"Yes they have a policy to check the games, but their employees clearly aren't doing it, so something needs to be set in place," McAllister said. "If they're not doing that, stuff like this could happen again and again."

GameStop spokesman Joey Mooring said, "We are extremely concerned that this incident occurred, and are working with police to support them in their investigation."

Mooring did not answer our questions about GameStop's policies for examining pre-owned games or comment on the incident reported in Louisiana last year.