Moody A.F.B. signs in first female 23rd Wing Commander

By: Noelani Mathews | WCTV Eyewitness News
July 16, 2017

MOODY A.F.B., Ga. (WCTV) -- A change in command and a change in history at Moody Air Force Base.

After two successful years commanding the 23rd Wing, Colonel Thomas Kunkel is signing out and Moody's first female commander is signing in.

"I guarantee this assignment will be the absolute best of your career," said Col. Kunkel in a change of command ceremony on Monday.

Colonel Jennifer Short is relocating from Arizona to command the 23rd Wing. Col. Kunkel is taking on a new position at the Pentagon.

"They're the most deployed wing out there, so the chance to lead this wing is just incredible," says Col. Short. "Anytime you get the chance to take care of families and take care of airmen, that's the best business there is."

Col. Short is happy for the opportunity to command the home of the Flying Tigers. She's also an A-10 pilot.

"We're getting ready to deploy an A-10 squadron down range to go do the business against ISIS," says Col. Short.

It's another first for Moody, as a female fighter pilot takes command of the 23rd Wing. However, to Col. Short, she's just like one of the guys.

"You hit it spot on. I've always just done my best because I find if you do that, the rest just takes care of itself," says Col. Short.

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