National Transportation Safety Board says plane in river had no prior accidents

Photo: Jax Sheriff's Office/MGN
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By: Associated Press
May 5, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - Authorities say the Boeing 737 that rolled off a runaway at a military base in Florida and ended up in a river has had no prior accidents.

National Transportation Safety Board vice chairman Bruce Landsberg said Saturday that investigators will examine the aircraft, the environment and human factors in trying to discover why the plane rolled into the St. Johns River after landing at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

Landsberg says the plane hit a seawall made of stones Friday night before coming to a rest in the river.

The pavement on the runway wasn't grooved and Landsberg says investigators will look at how that played a role with reported heavy rain during the landing.

He said grooves can help the water flow off the pavement more quickly.

Landsberg says the fact that the plane is partially in water presents a challenge.

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