Neighbors react to fatal shooting in Thomasville

By: Sophia Hernandez | WCTV Eyewitness News
July 7, 2019


Friday evening a shooting leaving one person dead and another critically injured. The victim has been identified as 21 year old Bainbridge resident, Tanzania Rashawn Cooper.

The altercation took place on Feinberg Street between Fletcher and Lester Street in Thomasville Georgia.

Authorities and neighbors say the shot rang out around 1pm. The shooter was identified as 18 year old Derylmaize Jackson, who is now in custody for murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm.

Saturday morning, the street is quiet, but on Friday evening neighbors say it was a sight unlike any other.

Fayran McCoy relives what she saw, "By the time I got out the door this whole block was full of people."

Henry Nixon who lives on the other side of the block was at work when the incident took place, but came home to something he never expected, "As I was turning into the street I didn't see nothing but police cars and sheriff cars on each end of the road."

For Valarie Foster, the sight was overwhelming, "A bunch of customers walking up the road its like what's going on and I heard a couple people got shot and I was like what?"

The shooting concerns neighbors like Ronald Payne, "It make me feel strange and odd and I mean what's next?"

Nixon shares that incidents like these happen all too often, "You see so much of it, I just really don't understand it. It shouldn't be happening but you really ask yourself why?"

McCoy has two sons, and when she came to the scene, all she thought about was her kids, "Not knowing if that is your people or not, it kind of puts you in a bad spot."

Foster shares, "I have a one year old, so this area, we are going to have to move because its like too much going on."

Those like Nixon are worried about this means for the neighborhood, "We hate to see that happen anywhere but right behind me, that's startling."

Foster hopes that soon something changes, "I just hope that everyone just a lot of people come together because all of this shooting and fighting that's not called for."

Residents are now moving forward and hope that this never happens again.

The third victim in the shooting who was injured has not been identified. Authorities say the individual is still recovering in the hospital.