Netflix and Cheat: Nearly half watch ahead without "streaming partner"

Netflix logo, Photo Date: April 19, 2016
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(WCTV) -- Many of us have heard the phrase "Netflix and chill" but what about "Netflix and cheat?"

A recent survey conducted by Netflix itself revealed that around 45 percent of couples have "cheated" on their partner by watching ahead on streaming episodes of their favorite shows when they agreed to watch together.

80 percent of the streaming cheaters said that the cheating was unplanned, and two-thirds said they couldn't stop themselves and that they'd cheat more if they could get away with it.

It's not just a one-time thing, either. 72 percent of cheaters said they'd jumped ahead more than once.

According to tech website c|net, Netflix cheating isn't quite as bad as cheating during marriage, which the website says is around an eye-popping 40 percent, but for some, the act of Netflix cheating is worse. 12 percent of the survey's respondents say that it's worse than having an actual affair.

If you just can't stop, there may be some good news for you. Luke Lancaster of c|net takes it a step further,giving tips to avoid being caught by your streaming partner. According to Lancaster, here are the four best ways to get away with it, if you must.


Just make sure the last bit you watched was the end of the episode you were meant to be up to, and trust that 'Continue Watching' has your back.

Make a burner profile

It's the time-honoured tradition of people who have zero trust. Create a dummy account, watch a few episodes and delete the profile in Manage Profiles>Edit Profile>Delete Profile. It's like it never happened.

Discrete and discreet

Insist on a couple's account for all your shared watching, and then use your regular profile discreetly. If it works for bank accounts, it works for Netflix.

Rewrite history

You can delete select episodes from your viewing history. Go to Your Account>Viewing Activity and click that little close box next to each and every indiscretion. Added bonus: Get all the embarrassing stuff out of your watched queue.