New evidence released in Denise Williams murder case

By: Julie Montanaro | WCTV Eyewitness News
August 9, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- A mountain of evidence was just made public as Denise Williams prepares to go to trial next month for the murder of her husband.

It's a crime she vehemently denies.

FDLE is now turning over 18 years worth of evidence to the state attorney's office.

We combed through dozens of documents and interviews as well as hundreds of letters from Mike Williams' mother.

Cheryl Williams never believed her son fell overboard to be eaten by alligators.

Mike Williams disappeared during a duck hunting trip in December 2000.

Just released case files include hundreds of letters she wrote to the governor trying to convince someone to listen. Among them was a note about the day in December 2004 when a WCTV reporter went to her home to interview her about Mike's disappearance.

"It's never out of my head, where is this child?" Cheryl Williams said that day in 2004. "If somebody did hurt my child, I want them found and I want them punished."

A transcript of a 2004 interview with Denise Williams was also included in the newly released batch of evidence. Denise Williams told FDLE agents Michael "didn't have any enemies" and she repeatedly called him a "great guy" and a family man.

Denise Williams is now charged in his murder. Her arrest coming nearly 18 years after his disappearance.

"Murder in the first-degree and accessory after the fact," the judge read aloud at her first appearance in May 2018.

Denise Williams' arrest followed months after her friend turned husband Brian Winchester entered a plea to kidnapping her. He broke his silence in exchange for immunity, claiming the two of them plotted the whole thing.

Winchester's recorded statement to FDLE was one of the interviews included in the newest batch of evidence. He admitted on tape that he killed Williams and buried his body at the end of Gardner Road on the shores of Lake Jackson.

Newly released photos include images of crews recovering Williams' muddy clothes, bones and wedding ring.

Denise Williams' attorney Ethan Way commented on the evidence release saying "There's not much by way of surprise evidence here. We are ready to go to trial."

Denise Williams' trial is set to begin September 24.

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