New study gives tips to stop spreading sickness at the workplace


By: CBS News
January 13, 2020

It's that time of year when going to work can come with a health risk.

"Everyone at work is sick, everyone right now is sick," Greta Thomas, a Los Angeles residents, says.

A survey from Accountemps found 90% of professional employees admit they sometimes go to the office sick. Having too much work on their plate is a top reason why.

So is feeling pressure from the boss to come in.

"Yeah, I think like, people feel like they have to come in no matter what," Los Angeles resident Carols Melgar says.

Many workers also show up at the office when they don't feel well because they're freelancers and can't afford to take time off.

A study from the Centers for Disease Control found that sick employees are more likely to stay home if they have paid leave benefits and their bosses encouraged them to "not" come in.

The senior vice president of a major management consulting company agreed with the CDC study.

"One piece of advice we would give is to make sure the senior management, senior leaders, they're not coming to work sick," Kim Garstein, the senior vice president at Robert Half, says. "Because when they do, I think that puts a certain amount of pressure on employees that they are expected to also come to work sick."

Garstein also says there's an option for people who feel like they still need to work.

"If you're a company that can have the flexibility to work remotely, to have your employees work remotely, that really solves most of this problem," she says.

The CDC says it can take at least four days to get over the flu.

"We don't all want to get sick," Melgar says. "I feel like if you're sick, stay home."

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