North Florida Community College changing its name

By: Julie Montanaro | WCTV Eyewitness News
June 27, 2019

MADISON, Fla (WCTV) -- It's been North Florida Community College for nearly 25 years. In just a few days, its name will be changing.

NFCC becomes the latest community college in Florida to drop the word "community" from its name.

The college is hoping it will encourage more people - near and far - to consider pursuing a degree.

Taliyah Bonner is a practical nursing student at North Florida Community College just weeks away from graduating.

"I'm about to be pinned July 11," Bonner said with a smile.

Bonner is one of about 2,100 students here.

Soon, the name that's printed on every certificate and degree will change to North Florida College.

"A lot of students feel like when you see a community college it's just small, it's boring," Bonner said, "But this kind of just opens it up for more people to come and experience what we're experiencing here."

NFCC has been trying for three years to change its name.

The governor signed off on it just a few weeks ago. It becomes effective July 1.

"The important things are staying the same," NFCC President John Grosskopf said.

Grosskopf hopes the name change will encourage more students to consider coming here to pursue advanced certificates and degrees.

"So it's going to build confidence, I think, in our current population that hey, North Florida Community College becoming North Florida College we're growing, we're part of the trends," Grosskopf said.

Grosskopf claims the new name "North Florida College" better reflects what's happening on this campus, including the chance for students to earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing.

North Florida Community College has been through a name change before, as many people grew up calling it "North Florida Junior College," but this is the first change in 24 years and it'll take time to phase it in on line, on letterhead and on signs across Madison County.

The change means as of July 1, there will only be two colleges left in Florida that still have the word "community" in their name.

Tallahassee Community College is one of them.

TCC's provost told us right now there are no plans to change that

"The majority of our students come to us to take advantage of the TCC to FSU pathway or the TCC to FAMU pathway or the TCC to work pathway so, we are the community's college and that's why we've decided to keep our name as Tallahassee Community College," TCC Provost Madeline Pumariega said.

Right now, TCC also offers one bachelor's degree and it too is in nursing.

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