Omega Lamplighters travel to meet the son of Alton Sterling

Photo courtesy of Royle King
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By: WCTV Eyewitness News
August 14, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- "I want my daddy!"

It was a cry seen around the world. The son of Alton Sterling broke down on live television during one of the many press conferences surrounding his father's death.

The 37-year-old Sterling was shot outside the Triple S Food Mart where he normally sold CDs and DVDs. Police were called to the scene after someone reported that he'd flashed a gun.

Once police arrived, the situation progressed and Sterling was shot several times while being confined to the ground.

Sterling's death sparked outrage across the country. Protesters in cities like Dallas and Philadelphia rallied against police brutality. But it was the video of Sterling's son, Cameron, that hit home.

Especially for Royle King and some of the members of the Omega Lamplighters.

King is the Executive Director of the Lamplighters and is very passionate when it comes to civil rights and African-American history. He decided to take the young men on the trip as a way to open them up to world experiences.

"As the saying goes, if you don't know where you come from, how can you know where you're going," said King. "So it's important for them one, to experience things and two, to be able to visit these sights."

Shawn Holloway and Torris Bethea, both members of the Omega Lamplighters, say the trip was more about sharing love and positivity.

"The trip was more so about comforting Cameron," said Holloway. "I felt honored to be able to help Cameron Sterling in any way possible."

And help they did. Not only did the Lamplighters provide Sterling with several goodies from their organization, they were also able to give him gifts from several others in the Tallahassee community.

Mayor Gillum penned a letter to Sterling, offering him words of wisdom and encouragement. FSU's football team sent an autographed football while FAMU's football team sent an autographed jersey.

FAMU president, Dr. Elmira Mangum also sent a letter to Sterling along with several items.

The Omega Lamplighters even made Sterling an honorary member and have vowed to keep in touch with him until he graduates from high school.

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