One Tallahassee family opens their home to those evacuating Dorian via AirBnB

By: Sophia Hernandez | WCTV Eyewitness News
September 1, 2019

Airbnb office sign in Toronto, Canada, Photo Date: May 27, 2015 / Photo: Raysonho / Wikipedia / (Source: MGN)


With Hurricane Dorian's looming arrival many residents in the Sunshine State are seeking places of refuge. That's why Air BnB, launched an open home program which allows hosts to offer there homes to those evacuating the storm-for free. And one Tallahassee family answered the call.

It is just another Sunday morning for the Corradi's, except the family of three is expecting extra company.

Kevin Corradi is excited for the new arrival, "They can eat whatever they want, drink whatever they want our house is their house."

Their home is now open to evacuees, that are looking to escape Hurricane Dorian. Corradi shares, "It's not a good time people are going to lose their houses and alto of bad things are going to happen and we just wanted people to get away and feel comfortable."

This is not the first time the family has acted as a beckon of hope. Last year during Hurricane Michael, the family also housed guests. When asked about the importance of acting as a refuge Corradi mentions, "To get away you know they should feel safe they shouldn't feel worried."

Kelli Bentz, Air BnB's Head of Global Disaster and Relief says as of Sunday, the company has had 800 hosts take on the challenge, "Our hope is that in these really trying and unknown moments that they can find a moment of comfort and relief."

Bentz observes that in these difficult times, a warm bed and "homey" atmosphere go a long way, "Not just having a roof over their head but a host that really cares, might provide a meal. Just knowing that they have a place to go and others are going through the same thing."

Kevin sympathizes with those in need of assistance, "Some people might not have the money to get a hotel, money might be tight paying for other things, I mean we have extra rooms just come stay its fine."

However the Corradi's were not able to greet their guests on Sunday. After waiting an hour and a half, the family got word that their expected family was actually going to stay home, now that Hurricane Dorian was changing its course. However Corradi is still happy to help, whoever may need it, "We've got it good right now, it looks like the storm isn't going to hit us. But if it did I am sure other people would help us. So just open your homes and help people."

The family keeps their doors open to assist those in need, and only put up their home on Air BnB during disasters.

For those looking to host their home or are looking for someplace to stay, the program lasts until September 16th.
This is the link to sign up or apply: