Pet cafes cater to humans and furry friends alike

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By: CBS News
May 6, 2019

MANGALURU, India (CBS) -- India's southern Mangaluru city got its first pet cafe, where animal lovers can spend time frolicking with their pets and also treat them to special picks from a customized food menu.

The cafe, named 'K9 Restro,' was launched for and by enthusiastic canine lovers.

"What we have planned is, in this restaurant, we have A to Z facility for the pets, too. So, we have the pet training school for the pets, so, we have spa and grooming facility for the pets and also we have a special raw diet menu for the pets, too", said owner of K9 Restro, Karthik Shetty.

The furry animals also have a dedicated play space and access to accessories like dog leashes, collars, treats and grooming products while their owners and other customers enjoy a meal.

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