Poet puts pen to paper for PBJ PLZ!

By: Julie Montanaro | WCTV Eyewitness News
April 8, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla (WCTV) -- Pastor and poet Kenneth Frame was so moved by all the kids donating to WCTV's peanut butter and jelly drive that he wrote a poem about it.

"For three years we stood to raise what we could to stamp out hunger in our neighborhoods," Frame read aloud.

His poem "Footprints," wishes "all kids' bellies could be full at night."

Frame shared the poem with WCTV in hopes it would inspire others to give.

“Isn’t it awesome?” he said. “It really touched me too that kids are going the extra mile to make sure other kids don't go hungry. Some kids have food to eat and some kids don't. So, what a blessing it is to see children helping other kids."

The full poem can be read below.


The Footprints of the
Kids are very much alive

As the Peanut Butter
And Jelly & Jam

Kicks off with pride

Helping all Children
To put a smile on their face

So we can stamp
Out hunger

All over this State

Is on the move

So drop off your donations
And get in the groove

So no child will go hungry
In all of our schools

Kids helping kids
And their families too

For Julie Montanaro
knew just what to do

So all of our children
Would be blessed with food

Forged in the hearts
Of a people of faith

By fighting for this cause
For the human race

Serving this Nation
With dignity and pride

By helping our communities
To grow and survive

And who would ever think
That the footprints would change

When children of all ages
Stepped into the dream

Giving their all just to
Save a life

So all kids bellies
Could be full at night

But hold your head up high
You people of faith

Because Love is in control
Of this special place

And it has a plan
To change this Beautiful state

For three years we stood
To raise what we could

To stamp out hunger in
Our neighborhoods

Helping to change
Our children’s lives

So they can live
With integrity, hope, and pride

For our Peanut butter
And Jelly & Jam

Is very much alive

Touching the minds
And the gifts of the young

By putting starvation and
Hunger on the run

Thanks WCTV for all you do

For the angels in heaven
Are smiling on you

So when you see a
Shooting star

Race across the sky
That’s Just God’s way

Of showing you
That your dream is alive

PBJ PLZ! is a partnership among WCTV, Leon County Schools and Second Harvest of the Big Bend. It has helped to collect 13 tons of peanut butter and jelly for hungry kids and their families in the past two years.

The third annual Peanut Butter and Jelly Jam is going on through Friday, April 12 at all Leon County schools and about 10 other private and charter schools.

The final weigh in is later this month.

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