Police: Florida man in Santa hat stole baby Jesus figurine from nativity scene on Christmas

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By: CBS News
January 3, 2018

SANFORD, Fla. (CBS) -- Florida police released video surveillance footage appearing to show the Christmas Day theft of a baby Jesus figurine from a manger at a church nativity scene.

Sanford Police wrote on Facebook that it was the man's second incident involving the nativity scene at LifeWay Community Church in Sanford in just a few days. On Dec. 21, police say he used a knife to cut the heads off of nine figures and vandalize three others.

While the suspect was not wearing a Santa hat in the first incident, the Dec. 25 video shows him wearing the festive headgear while cutting two extension cords, before absconding with a Jesus figurine valued at $3,000.

Police are appealing to the public for any information about the suspect, who has not been identified, or the incidents.

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