Record heat leaves mark on October

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By Charles Roop
November 1, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - October is meant to be a month where we start pulling out the coats, pants, and UGG boots as temps begin to chill out. With the exception of one weekend, it turns out that it was the warmest on record in Tallahassee.

Danny Brouillette, Climate Services Specialist from the Florida Climate Center, tweeted out Monday and Tuesday some burning numbers for tenth month of the calendar year.

That's right: Tallahassee barely beat out 1984 as the warmest average high temperature for the month of October on record. The mean (with highs and lows) was the ninth highest on record.

But that's not all...

This broke the previous late-season 90-degree record set on October 26, 1931.

And we're not finished yet...

Apalachicola wasn't any better. They recorded 0.14 inches of rain for October, just over 4 inches below normal. For the year so far, they now stand at a 6.24-inch deficit.

An overall persistent ridging pattern in the eastern United States has been in place, keeping the cooler temps and rain over the northwestern U.S. This pattern has been leaving the Deep South high and dry.

Unfortunately, this drier trend may not change soon. The fall is normally a dry period for our area, but not this dry. The drought that's over the deep south seems to be slowly making its way to our neck of the woods. The Climate Prediction Center's long-range probabilities of drier and warmer temps remain in place for our area during the next three months.

As of 2:30pm Tuesday, the highest temp recorded so far in the day in Tallahassee was 88, which would tie the record high set last year. Let's see if that reading sticks, or it gets warmer.

If you know of anyone that can do an impressive rain dance, now would be a good time.