Recount could be on the way for City Commission Seat 3

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By: Mariel Carbone | WCTV Eyewitness News
November 7, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — The race for City Commission Seat 3 could go to a recount.

Jeremy Matlow took 50.22 percent of votes in Tuesday’s election. With his opponent, Lisa Brown, trailing by .44 percent. Brown received 49.78 percent of votes. Under state law, if the margin is equal to or less than .5 percent, a recount is required.

"Lisa Brown, Jeremy Matlow, that is a very tight race. There's likely going to be a recount there, but again we won't know for sure until we process those provisional ballots, and un-scanned, and add those to the totals to see exactly where the ending margin lies,” said Mark Earley, Leon County Supervisor of Elections.

Provisional ballots are still being processed. As for un-scanned ballots, those are ballots that were cast but had an error being read. In that case, the voter chose not to refill out their ballot and submit it. The canvassing board will review those ballots on Friday. Once that is complete, depending on the margin, the race could see are recount.

Matlow said he looks forward to seeing the official tally.

“Leon County is a leader in making sure elections are fair and accurate. We have faith in the Supervisor of Elections and do not expect the results to change,” he said.

Brown said the recount is simply part of the process.

"An automatic recount is a normal part of the process and we just need to be patient and allow the process to work and see what the outcome is," she said.

According to the unofficial results, she trailed by just 334 votes.

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