Return-a-thon: People begin to return Christmas gifts

By: Lanetra Bennett | WCTV Eyewitness News
December 26, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- The day-after-Christmas sales are not the only things causing shoppers to flock to stores Tuesday.

The National Retail Federation says people are expected to return more than $46 billion in gifts this year, setting a record for holiday returns.

Some have dubbed the day after Christmas the annual "Return-a-thon."

"Just out and about shopping and returning a couple of things," said Kasey Burke. "Mine was a gift that didn't fit."

"Returning that ugly sweater," said Leeah Henderson.

74 percent of people in one survey say they returned clothing they got for Christmas. Experts say you should avoid buying clothes for friends and family because it's easy to get the wrong size, color, brand or style.

"I'm just like, why would you get me this?" Hendersaid said. "I feel bad returning it because it's something that a family member gives you that you're supposed to cherish. Then you have to return it. You just feel horrible about it, but they don't have to know about it. You just go return it the day after Christmas."

Linda Williams says she refuses to be the grandma that gives gifts the kids don't like.

She said, "I did mostly gift cards for the grandchildren. The adults, they wanted candles and stuff like that, gift cards. So, everything was good."

Besides clothing, other top returned items include home goods, toys and games.

Those are some of the same things on Danielle Drayton's return list.

She said, "The kids' clothes were a little too small, so we're returning a couple clothing. And games. The kids' games are a little bit too explicit for their ages."

Local resident Kayla McCain said, "I'm pretty easy to please. You can get me a pair of socks and I'll be satisfied."

When you have a nine-month-old like McCain, getting clothes that are too big is actually a good thing.

"She can grow into it. So, I didn't have to make any returns for anything too small. Everything is perfect," she said.

Some things to think about to make returning your gifts as easy as possible: Check a store's return policy for deadlines, don't open the boxes, consider re-gifting and keep an eye out for sales.

"You would think that they would just get you stuff that you wanted; so no returns. You always ask. Asking is nice, what do you want for Christmas. Instead of here's a gift, you know," Burke said.

Gift receipts can make returning Christmas gifts much easier, but many retailers have relaxed their regular return policies for the holiday season.

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