Liberty County baseball team plays first home game since tragic loss

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By: Alicia Turner | WCTV Eyewitness News
March 19, 2019

BRISTOL, Fla. (WCTV) – Most baseball teams make a pact to win, but Tuesday night, the Liberty County bulldogs found themselves making a pact to play for Corey and Shana.

Out of the dugout to front and center on the field, the Liberty County High School baseball team lined up for the first time at home following a tragic loss.

"When something like this happens, it's just totally beyond comprehension," said Rick Williams, a supporter of the team.

Stacie Frant was among many parents cheering in the crowd. She knows firsthand what the team has been through. Her son Brent was on the field the day Corey and his wife Shana were electrocuted.

Stacie described helping her son through the aftermath as, "probably one of the hardest things that me and my husband have had to do."

Stacie said her son has turned his grief into growth, because that’s what Coach Crum would want.

"He really stepped up to the plate, and I can't even express how proud I am," she said.

Tuesday night, folks from all over packed the stands, hoping the team knows the community stands with them.

"Support the kids, support their efforts, continue to support what they do. Don't let them stop what they're doing,” Rick said.

The softball team moved its game to earlier in the afternoon so the players could watch the baseball team. Their coach, Jennifer Sewell, said they wanted to be there for their brothers.

"We’re family. It’s about being there for one another and having each other's back. We just try to be there for the team," Jennifer explained.

"Corey had already said this was a special team, he said it from the get go and we just didn't realize how special it was going to be," Stacie said.

The scoreboard the Crum’s were trying to fix now hangs in same outfield that the team says their new angels are watching them from. Liberty County went on to beat Wewahitchka, 14-3.

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