CNN's Richard Quest talks Florida, presidential election

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By: WCTV Eyewitness News
October 24, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- CNN’s host of Quest Means Business, Richard Quest, stopped in Tallahassee on Monday for the first taping of his week-long ‘Florida Quest Tour’ in advance of the 2016 Presidential Election.

Quest says CNN chose the Sunshine State this election cycle because, "We really wanted to focus on one state that is a bellwether, that is symbolic of what's happening and of course it has to be Florida." Quest added that every election since 1996, the winner of Florida has won the presidency, usually in controversial fashion.

WCTV’s Ben Kaplan caught up with Quest on Florida State’s campus before Monday’s broadcast. Below is part of their conversation:

BK: What are you hoping to hear from the people of Florida about this election?

RQ: It's too simplistic to say all the conservatives are in the north and all those wishy washy liberals are in the south. It's way too simplistic to say that in Florida. What we've come to hear is really, how they view the issues.

BK: I want to touch on what you think the perception of this race is overseas?

RQ: I can stop your question right there. The perception of this race overseas is that America has lost its mind. That this is the most bizarre, unrealistic, unfathomable set of circumstances that anybody could imagine.

BK: I saw on your Twitter account that you attended FAMU's Homecoming? What did you think?

RQ: The drunk chicken, the shrimp jambalaya, I'll tell you what I was really impressed by. I was really impressed by the warm welcome. Wherever we were, the warm welcome from alums and students. We also did hear, from one student, she's an African-American freshman student, voting for her first time, and she said, "If a woman wins, my heart will soar.”

Another guy said to us, “It's mandatory for me to vote. It's not an issue not to vote,” And that's what I think is most heartening.

BK: We wish you very much luck in your tour across the Sunshine State.

Quest will also stop in Orlando, Palm Beach, Miami Beach and Key West.

A web exclusive interview with Richard Quest is available in the video player above.

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