Rizzo named new chair of Florida Democrat party

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By: Associated Press
December 9, 2017

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- The head of the Palm Beach Democratic Party has been elected as leader of the state party, less than a month after the former chairman resigned.

Terrie Rizzo was elected as the new chair of the party at a special meeting of the group on Saturday in Orlando.

She received 830 votes, while Brevard County Democratic Chairwoman Stacey Patel received 291 votes.

This was a special election called specifically to elect a new chair. Former chair Stephen Bittel stepped down Nov. 17.

He resigned following a Politico report quoting women it did not identify, saying Bittel would leer at them, make comments about their appearances or breasts, and exhibit other behavior that made them uncomfortable.

He also had a breast-shaped stress ball in his office.

None of the women said he groped or assaulted them.

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