Roach infestation closes Georgia university’s student center

Photo courtesy: MGN

By: Associated Press
February 16, 2020

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Student complaints of being served moldy bread and finding bugs in mac and cheese at a campus food court led Savannah State University to close its student center, where health inspectors later reported finding “many dead roaches” in the kitchen.

The university said in a statement to news outlets that its student union, closed since Jan. 30, “is in the final stages of cleaning and maintenance” and could reopen within the week.

University officials decided to close the building the day before inspectors from the Georgia Department of Public Health arrived, the Savannah Morning News reported. The inspection report said an investigator was told by the general manager from Thompson Hospitality, the campus’ food service provider, that the building was being treated for a roach infestation.

“There were many dead roaches throughout the kitchen on floors near drains, behind equipment and on some food prep surfaces,” the report on the food court inspection said.

The state’s investigator reported being told Feb. 5 that a contractor was cleaning the building. Once that work was done, the pest control company that treated the student center planned to return to check on whether the pest treatment was working.

The inspector noted in a final walk-through visit last Monday there was no evidence of pests or infestation.

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