Direct Auto Exchange giving away $1,500 backpacks ahead of the school year

By: Sophia Hernandez | WCTV Eyewitness News
August 3, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – Saturday morning was a morning of giving. Direct Auto Exchange handed out 1,500 free bookbags to students of all ages, filled to the brim with school supplies.

In its fourth year, the event is all about getting students prepared for the upcoming school year.

The lines stretched on and on, as families and students waited in the hot sun, for their new back to school gear.

Cherry Mobley, shares, "It is so many people but its for a good cause."

The cause? Mobley says its the bookbags that are now on the backs of hundreds of students. Mobley mentions the power behind the supplies, "Giving the kids a better outlook for school, that they have everything that they need for school."

The bags are filled with notebooks, pens, pencils, papers, folders and tissues. Attendees could also try their hand at winning any of 5 laptops, a bike, TV and cash prizes.

All of these items, Tyrone Davis, the owner of Direct Auto Exchange, shares are to help any and all students, "A student is a student and if I can do anything to help an elementary school student, middle, high school or college student, I just want to do it."

Kendrick Arnold, a parent who brought his son, becomes thoughtful, "It means a whole lot to me because I can't afford a whole lot so it means a lot to me."

And with every bookbag selected, the students are packed up and ready to go for the new school year. Mobley says the bags are more than just a supply, "That plays a part of their self esteem as well, they wont be asking anyone for anything. They will have the bookbags and the proper things for school. To make that A to achieve in school."

That success, Davis shares is just one of the many hopes for these kids"To do the best they can in school to have what they need in school, to just get their education."

Those in attendance will now be able to not only start the school year in style, but have the tools they need to do their very best.