Family and friends speak out after Thomasville boy shot

Published: Nov. 25, 2017 at 10:35 PM EST
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By: Noelani Mathews | WCTV Eyewitness News

November 27, 2017

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) -- While Thomasville authorities say a young boy is fighting for his life, family and friends say they're also fighting for his recovery through prayer.

"We just want everyone to pray for Little Buddha. We need prayers," says Jontae Scott, a family friend.

Friends say they're praying for the 12-year-old, who they call 'Little Buddha.'

Police found the boy with a gunshot wound to the head inside a bedroom of a house on the 300 block of East Monroe Street Saturday night.

"I know he didn't mean to do it. They love each other," says Jacqes Hill, a family friend.

Jacqes Hill and Jontae Scott say they grew up with the family.

They say the 15-year-old that shot 'Little Buddha' was his brother. They say he's also heartbroken and now facing several charges.

"It's really hard. You've got one brother going through this by himself right now. It's really hard for his mom. She's losing two of her sons right now," says Hill and Scott.

It's a hard time on Jamahni Williams' family.

"We don't even argue that way, and if we do, we don't fight," says Williams.

He says both of the young men are his brothers.

"He made a mistake. Not just a little mistake, but a big mistake. No one can understand what he's going through right now," says Williams.

By: Noelani Mathews | WCTV Eyewitness News

November 26, 2017

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WCTV) -- Thomasville authorities continue to investigate a Saturday night shooting involving two juveniles on the 300 block of East Monroe Street.

They say a 12-year-old boy is suffering life-threatening injuries after being shot in the head in a bedroom towards the rear of his home.

Police have arrested and charged a 15-year-old family member in the shooting. They say he's being held at the Regional Youth Detention Center in Thomasville.

The suspect is charged with reckless conduct, possession of a firearm by a minor, and theft by receiving stolen property. Police are considering the handgun used in the shooting as stolen property.

On Sunday, residents could still see the yellow police tape mangled on the ground near the scene of the shooting.

"There was a lot of the tape that says do not cross and there were a lot of people talking about the shooting," says Demaurier Diggs, an 11-year-old neighbor.

He's friends and neighbors with the young boy who was shot Saturday night.

"It's sad. He was the only person I could play with," says Diggs.

He says they played football together outside in the neighborhood. Diggs' 6-year-old sister, Jamyia Mitchell, acted as the cheerleader. Both say they're hoping for their friend's recovery.

Police say the young boy was transported to a Tallahassee hospital in critical condition, and is now fighting for his life.

"I hope he gets better," says Diggs.

"I love him and pray for him," says Mitchell.

Jamahni Williams stopped by the house Sunday afternoon. He says he's the victim's brother. He wasn't there when it happened, but says the two boys involved in the shooting were close relatives.

"I just don't think it was supposed to happen," says Williams. "Just have to pray and rely on faith."

The incident is shaking up the entire community, including responding law enforcement.

"You're talking about a 12-year-old," says Capt. Maurice Holmes, with the Thomasville Police Department. "I've done a lot of living since I was 12-years-old and to think just the possibility of this child not being able to have that opportunity, it's disheartening."

TPD says they are not releasing the names of the boys involved at this time.