South Georgia Pecan farm tries to regroup after losing 1000 pecan trees to Hermine

September 5, 2016

Workers at farms in South Georgia are starting their week clearing damage from Hermine.

Farmers who sustained the heaviest of damage believe the storm's impact will cause pecan prices to go up.

Shiloh Pecan Farm reports more than a thousand trees are ripped from the ground. Owners estimate nearly 30% of the crop is damaged, and the costs could top more than $4 million.

Monday, workers spent the day removing broken trees and limbs through out the 3000 acre property. The storm came through just three weeks out from the scheduled harvest.

"We got about 60 people working on it right now We got 6 backhoes, 6 extractors, 2 bulldozers," says Ashley Paulk, Shiloh Pecan Farm Co-Owners. "We will hope to be in good shape in 6 to 7 days."

Shiloh Pecan Farm is one of the top growers in the state, normally producing 4-5 million pounds of Pecans.