"Sugar Foot" has message of hope and welcome for Cam Brown

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By: Asher Wildman | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
July 14, 2017

MADISON COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) -- If you live in Madison County, you know Carl "Sugar Foot" Joseph.

The Madison County native played high school football for the Cowboys with one leg.

"I was born this way, but I was out playing like the other kids in the community, and they received me like I had two legs," Joseph said. "My family played a lot of sports, and I just wanted to play football. I did not care what the situation was."

After hearing the story of Cam Brown, Joseph, who now coaches football for Madison County Middle School, has a message for the recent graduate.

"It's all about faith, and that's what brought me this far. It's faith," Joseph said.

"I just want to tell Cam to just keep the faith and, believe me, to keep whatever goal you have in mind."

This summer, Joseph and his middle school football team are hard at work - practicing, smiling and enjoying football under the hot Florida sun.

But Joseph would like to see someone new. Cam Brown. Brown has an open invitation to Mustangs' practice.

"He had goals to play sports. And, because of what happened now, he has a whole transition. But I would love for him to come tell our kids 'listen, don't take tomorrow, or today, for granted, because you never know what tomorrow may be,'" explains Joseph.

"Sugar Foot" has proven his whole life that having just one leg won't slow him down, and he hopes Cam Brown continues to stay positive and become an influence to others, because his story is too good not to share.

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