Survey: Almost half of Americas say they've worn the same underwear for two days or longer

Published: Aug. 20, 2019 at 7:16 PM EDT
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August 20, 2019

PITTSBURGH (CBS) — Here’s a personal question — how often do you change your underwear? Clothing retailer Tommy John asked 2,000 Americans about their habits and the answers are quite surprising.

The survey discovered that 45% of people said they’ve worn the same pair of underwear for two days or longer, and 13% said they have worn the same pair for a week or more.

It also found that 46% owned the same pair of underwear for one year or longer and 85% didn’t know how long they’ve owned their oldest pair of underwear.

“It’s crucial to update your underwear wardrobe every six months to a year to ensure you’re protected from harmful infections and health risks,” Tommy John said. “Women should be especially careful, as they’re more at risk than men to experience health issues due to unclean underwear.”

The company provided steps to keep in mind next time you are washing your underwear to make sure they are as clean as possible.

  • Tumble dry your underwear on low heat for 30 minutes after washing.
  • Don’t mix your underwear in the same load with your significant other or children if they’re sick.
  • Avoid washing contaminated underwear with other pairs and clothing.
  • Wash your underwear separately from clothing containing other bodily fluids.