Suspended Lincoln basketball coach accused of fraud, theft

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Suspended-Lincoln basketball coach Dimitric Salters was arrested Thursday and is facing charges that include fraud and theft.

According to court documents, Lincoln principal, Dr. Allen Burch found financial irregularities in January that included an unauthorized bank account in which much of the teams finances were being routed through.

Burch told authorities he also received an anonymous tip about players not receiving items, such as shoes and shirts that they had paid for.

An investigation revealed that Salters authorized three parents to form a checking account at Capital City Bank in which PayPal transactions, checks, and money orders were deposited as part of an unauthorized fee to parents of $500 per player, court documents show.

Investigators say Salters also deposited parent payments and money orders into his personal account at Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union, including two payments made to Lincoln High School totaling $4,175.

An audit of school and bank records revealed a loss of more than $13,000 in connection with Salters illegally depositing checks and money orders that weren't intended for his use, according to the district's internal auditor.

Salters is charged with fraud, uttering and grand theft. He was placed on administrative leave by Leon County Schools in late January. He had been employed by the district for three years, after working at East Gadsden High School.

Lincoln Principal Allen Burch called the situation shocking and said the basketball program and school will begin the process of moving forward.

"In January I contacted the district office with concerns of financial irregularities in our boys basketball program. Yesterday I learned that the investigation was complete and charges would be filed against Coach Salters," Dr. Burch said. "While this situation is shocking to the entire Lincoln Community, our student athletes have been affected the most. I am very proud of the resiliency of our students and the way our community always supports Lincoln. It is with our boys and program in mind that we will begin the process of moving forward."

Salters said in a statement to WCTV, "To all my family and friends thank you for all your prayers and support for me and my family over the last 2 months while we have endured false accusations and attacks on my character. I've been quiet for the past 2 months while my integrity has been under attack by those who are jealous of my passion to help young people become spiritual leaders and more importantly leaders of men. For 13 years I've given my love, passion, time & resources to make young men and their families be proud of a family oriented program."

LCS spokesman Chris Petley said that the case has been turned over to the State Attorney's Office for prosecution.

Petley said, "While this is shocking for the community, I think it's good that we can begin to move forward and have some closure for the students. Our thoughts are on the students at Lincoln, specifically the basketball team and what they've achieved this past year."

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