TMH gets inside look at technology to kill airborne viruses

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By: Emma Wheeler | WCTV Eyewitness News
May 20, 2020

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- The fight against COVID-19 is going airborn.

Miami-based Paerosol Global Partners is developing new technology that could help kill the virus before it reaches surfaces. Creators say it's revolutionary, because it's not just disinfecting surfaces, but it kills viruses still in the air.

"It's killing the pathogens, whether it be a virus, bacteria, or a mold or fungi," said David Pobiak with Paerosol. "Basically disinfecting an entire space. It's safe to breathe at certain levels for certain periods of time, you don't have to clear a space, you don't have to clear a room."

Pobiak says the company has been developing the solution for several years. They're now working with technology by the United Stated Department of Energy to aerosolize the product.

The idea is that the product is turned in to a dry fog, filling the room with disinfectant.

"When it's aerosolized in to the air, it is seeking out to destroy the viruses. It's basically a virus destroyer, it has to destroy viruses to make itself whole," said Rober Amick.

Amick is the Executive Director of the Florida State Firefighters Association. He says this system of killing viruses in the air has never been done before.

After several years of testing, creators say it has shown effective against every virus. As of more testing earlier this month, that includes COVID-19.

On Wednesday, the technology was demonstrated for staff at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare.

Philip Doyle, Chief of Public Safety and Emergency Management, says the demonstration is a chance to see brand new technology that could help protect the community.

"We're evaluating the product. What we're looking or is something that's going to make the community feel safe when they come back in to our environment, knowing that we've done everything that we possibly can to make sure this environment is as safe as possible for them," Doyle said. "It's always important. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare likes being number one when it comes to evaluating new technologies and that. When something like this is introduced, we're all for looking at it and evaluating it."

Doyle says they will rely on data showing how well it works in eliminating the virus and how long it takes to do so before signing on.

Paerosol staff say demonstrations like this are happening all across the state at various industries, including restaurants, schools and police stations.

The company is also working on a system that could be used in homes.