Tallahassee hotel employees save boy from drowning

Published: Jul. 6, 2016 at 6:33 PM EDT
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By: Symone Davis

July 6, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- As hotel front desk attendant Amyene Williams says, hopping over fences in not normally part of his job.

But on Tuesday it was a life or death matter.

"That's all I was thinking about was saving the kid. That was really the only thought going through my head,” said Williams.

Around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, police say a 14-year-old boy began struggling to stay afloat in the hotel swimming pool.

Hotel guests then alerted one of the staff members who called for Amyene.

"After he went out to get the boy I immediately called 911. Just 911 and praying. 911 and praying,” said housekeeping supervisor Tangela Madison.

Eddie Campbell of Long Johns Lawn Care was outside working when he heard the commotion.

He then jumped in the pool to grab the boy who was floating face down in the deep end.

With the help of Amyene the two men pulled the boy out of the pool.

"I reached down as far as I could. I felt his arm and I grabbed him,” said Williams.

After getting him out of the pool, Amyene started performing CPR.

A certification he received while working as a lifeguard at the Boys and Girls Club.

After 5 and a half minutes, the boy finally began to breath. Soon after, an ambulance came and took the boy to the hospital.

"I just think of myself as a concerned parent. If that was me, hopefully someone would have done that for my child,” said Williams.

Amyene said that's the first time he's ever performed CPR.

After this incident, he’s encouraging more people to get certified.

"Knowledge is power because without knowledge his life may have been lost yesterday,” said Williams.

We did reach out to TPD to get an update on the boy’s condition. They weren't able to give us any information because they’re still investigating the incident.