Tallahassee 'Night to Shine' brings smiles to thousands

By Katie Kaplan | WCTV Eyewitness
February 2, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- More than 3,000 people walked the red carpet Friday night for the annual 'Night to Shine' prom in Tallahassee, organizers said.

"It just brings me to tears. It is so beautiful,"said Cathy Tilbury, who was accompanying her daughter Andrea. "The outpouring of love from the community and that she gets to be independent ans dance with her buddy means a lot to us."

The event is geared toward the special needs community. It was free for families and anyone over the age of 14 was invited.

Most of the guests were dressed up. When they arrived they were ushered into the 'Makeover Tent' where they could get their makeup or hair done for free.

"She feels special. She feels like a queen," said Marissa Isman, who chaperoned her little sister Shelby.

For the guys, there was shoe-shining and boutineers. There were friends and couples that attended.

When a man named Mike was asked what he was most looking forward to, he said, "Dancing with my girlfriend," whom he also color-coordinated with.

"For a long time we've been planning purple so they can wear their purple," said Rozalyn Bisbee who was accompanying the couple.

Once attendees headed into the dance hall, they were treated to a red carpet and a cheering squad that lined both sides. There was also an ice skating rink that hosted a performance by some of the cast from Disney's Frozen. Pictures with a real Llamacorn and a faux Tim Tebow were available. The main evented included a large dance party, complete with smoke machines and confetti blown into the air. The evening ended with the crowning of all as queens and kings.

The event was hosted by Genesis Church. Organizers said planning for next year will begin Saturday.

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