Tallahassee girl on big screen in Times Square

By: Julie Montanaro
February 21, 2017

A Tallahassee sixth grader is getting a big scholarship for making a big difference.

Paloma Rambana is in New York City.

She is one of just ten children nationwide to be honored by toy-maker Hasbro as a real "Community Action Hero."

Rambana is legally blind. She led a march to Florida's capitol in 2015 and helped secure a million dollars to fund services for blind children.

"It didn't matter what age you were," Rambana said, "that you can always make a difference and that was really important for me and I enjoyed that and ... it was an amazing experience and moment."

Rambana received her 'Hasbro Community Action Hero" at a ceremony in New York Tuesday morning.

"It felt really inspirational and I felt really good seeing a lot of young people working with their communities and there was a lot of personal stories and that made it even more spectacular," she said.

As a Hasbro Community Action Hero, Rambana received a $1000 scholarship and a $500 donation to the charity of her choice. She's giving that to Lighthouse of Big Bend which helps people cope with blindness and vision loss.

"We are so proud of Paloma," Lighthouse Executive Director Kim Galban-Countryman. "The money she is donating will be used to enhance our free summer camps for children in the Big Bend who are visually impaired."

Rambana's picture and the pictures of all ten winners were flashed on the big screen in New York's Times Square Tuesday afternoon.