Tallahassee Police Chief candidate list narrowed to 20 names

By: WCTV Eyewitness News
September 19, 2019

Photo: City of Tallahassee Police Dept.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — The City of Tallahassee announced Thursday afternoon it narrowed its list of candidates for its new chief of police from 52 names to 20 names.

The Florida Police Chief's Association, a STARS Law Enforcement Expert and a former assistant commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement helped review resumes and recommend candidates for the city.

Here are the final 20 candidates:

  • Joseph Clark - Deputy Chief of Police for the Norfolk Police Department since 2017; he has been a member of the department since 1986.
  • Chris Connell - Director of Capitol Police for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement; he was previously a member of TPD from 1986 to 2014.
  • John Dale - Colonel and the Executive Director of the Department of Investigations in the Broward Sheriff's Office. He also previously worked for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department
  • Orrin Gallop - Captain and Assistant Chief of the Hampton Police Division in Virginia since 2018. He has 25 total years of experience as a police officer.
  • Antonio Gilliam - Assistant Police Chief for the St. Petersburg Police Department, with more than 18 years of experience. He is a Tallahassee native and an FSU graduate.
  • Argatha Gilmore - Chief of Police for Lake City, and a former TPD officer. During her time in Tallahassee, she was a Division Commander in the Southern Sector, Internal Affairs, Technical Services Division, Alpha District, Charlie District, and Special Operations.
  • Benjamin Hadley - Chief of Police in Mission, Kansas since 1997. He was also a member of the Johnson County Sheriffs Department.
  • Michael Kreher - Deputy Chief of Police for the Atlanta Police Department since 1993 and has 26 years of experience in the City.
  • James Lowery - 35 years of police experience; he has been the Deputy Chief of the Arlington, Texas Police Department since 2018.
  • Steve Outlaw - Interim Chief of Police of TPD since former Chief DeLeo's resignation in early July. He has been a member of TPD since 1987.
  • Lawrence Revell - Major in the Criminal Investigations Bureau of TPD. He has also served as Major for the High Risk Offenders Bureau, the Special Response Team, and Captain for Research and Development. Revell has been a member of TPD since 1992.
  • Glenn Sapp - Chief of Police for the Quincy Police Department since 2014, and the Assistant Chief from 2011 until then. He was also a member of the Tallahassee Police Department from 1988 until 2011.
  • Lonnie Scott - Major in the Administrative Services Bureau Commander of TPD. He also previously served as member of the Gainesville Police Department in the capacities of Professional Standards and Support Services Bureau Commander and Emergency Manager for the City of Gainesville.
  • Timothy Sheehan - Chief of Police for the town of Tweksburg, Massachusetts for the past 10 years, as well as serving as the Control Chief of the SWAT and Regional Response Team for the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council.
  • Audrey Smith -Chief of the Department of Youth & Accreditation Services for the Leon County Sheriff's Office. She was also a member of the Tallahassee Police Department from 1988 to 2017.
  • Eric Smith - Deputy Chief in Orlando, and has been a police officer there from 1994 until 2005, before being promoted to Sergeant.
  • Rodney Smith - Deputy Chief of Police for the City of Ocala, Florida, for ten years, before retiring in 2018 after 30 years of service.
  • Perry Tarrant - Assistant Chief of Police for the Seattle Police Department from 2015 to 2018. He has also worked for the City of Yakima, Washington as the Emergency Preparedness Director, and the Tucson Police Department as a Police Captain and Lieutenant.
  • Richard Taylor - 26 years of law enforcement experience; he has worked for the Lakeland Police Department since 1996, and became the Assistant Chief of Police in 2018.
  • Jakari Young - Deputy Chief of Police for the city of Daytona Beach and has held that position since 2017. He has more than 15 years of experience there.

    The next step in the process for choosing a new chief starts with sending this list to the Community Partners Committee for review. The committee is made of 15-members from the faith, business and law enforcement communities from around Tallahassee.

    This committee will identify six to seven candidates for interviews, then recommend a final list of candidates to continue in the selection process.

    Once the top candidates are selected, the city will schedule meet and greets around the city, so the candidates can interact with and learn more about the Tallahassee community.

    Finally, the City Manager will ultimately choose the most qualified candidate for the job.

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