New trial date set in Tallahassee quadruple murder case

By: Julie Montanaro | WCTV Eyewitness News
March 6 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- A new trial date has been set in a gruesome Tallahassee quadruple murder that happened nearly eight years ago.

Henry Segura will stand trial again starting September 11, 2018 for the November 2010 murders of his ex-girlfriend and her three children - including his own son.

Segura's last trial ended with a hung jury in August 2017. An appeal focused on the admissibility of some evidence is still pending in the District Court of Appeals.

The September trial is expected to last three weeks.

By: Julie Montanaro | WCTV Eyewitness News
January 18, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- The retrial of quadruple murder suspect Henry Segura has been delayed.

Segura was slated to be tried again in February, after his first trial ended in a hung jury.

Segura is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Brandi Peters and her three children, including the couple's three-year-old son, at their home back in November 2010.

A hearing was scheduled Thursday afternoon to consider a delay in the case. That hearing was cancelled and the trial was removed from the online court docket.

Prosecutors tell us the defense plans to file an appeal regarding the testimony of gang member James Carlos Santos, who previously confessed to the murders.

Defense attorney Nathan Prince says he's asking the appeals court to rule Santos' testimony admissible as well as a series of Brandi Peters' emails referencing Santos.

A status hearing is now set for February 20.

Online court records show Segura has been in jail for 2,291 days awaiting trial. Earlier this week, his attorney petitioned the court to have Segura released to await his next trial. There's been no decision.

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