Taylor County High School principal to resign Friday

By: WCTV Eyewitness News
October 3, 2019

TAYLOR COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) — Taylor County High School principal Charles Finley is resigning on Friday, the school district confirmed to WCTV Thursday morning.

According to the district, Finley has accepted a position in Alachua County effective immediately. Finley submitted a resignation letter, which will go into effect on Friday.

Taylor County School District Superintendent Danny Glover said he was shocked when he heard Finley was leaving.

"The timing of this for the high school is not ideal," Glover said. "Mr. Finley was my choice to be the principal at TCHS for as long as he wanted to stay."

According to the district, TCHS flourished under Finley. While he was principal for two years, the school led the state in graduation rates, had fewer discipline issues and made progress towards becoming a B school, the district said.

At the next school board meeting, the district will recommend current TCHS assistant principal Heather McCoy as the candidate to fill the principal vacancy.

"We are Bulldog family strong and we will rebuild," McCoy said. "When I met with the staff on Tuesday afternoon, we talked about coming together as a family to get through this transition. Our staff is resilient and prepared to continue the work they have started to help prepare our students for the next chapter of their lives. Together we will continue what we've started: growing up our students to be their best selves."

Glover said the community will miss Finley.

"We have not only lost a good principal, but also a good Christian man and a wonderful family in our community," he said.

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