Teen sells enough cupcakes to take his entire family to Disney World

Published: Jun. 7, 2019 at 4:49 PM EDT
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By: Caitlin O'Kane | CBS News

June 7, 2019

Isaiah Tuckett has a passion for baking, and before he even entered high school, he made a business out of it. When the 14-year-old from Madison, Minnesota, started selling cupcakes, he set an ambitious goal for himself – and he recently found sweet success.

"He's always been interested in being in the kitchen and baking, ever since he was a little kid," his mom, Cheri Tuckett, told CBS News. "It was my mom's 85th birthday and we were having a party for her, and we decided to bake a few cupcakes."

A friend who tried one of the cupcakes loved them, and asked if Isaiah could bake for his daughter's graduation party. "About 200 people came through that party. Then the orders just started really rolling in for him," she said.

Isaiah got rave reviews and started taking cupcake orders via Facebook. He has his own page, Isaiah's Tasty Treats, where he offers a menu of cupcakes and charges $20 per dozen. He started raking in money, and wanted to put it toward something magical.

"He's always wanted to go to Disney, and it just never worked out – whether time-wise or financially," Tuckett said. "He took it into his own hands and decided that he wanted to save his own money to take a trip to Disney and he wanted our whole family to go."

Isaiah's parents told him they'd support his goal and buy him supplies to run Isaiah's Tasty Treats. He made it official with his own T-shirts and apron, emblazoned with the Isaiah's Treats logo. Then, he got down to business.

It's a time-consuming job, but Isaiah enjoys it. "One I made cupcakes for three graduations. It was a total of 750 cupcakes," he said.

That job took about a week to complete, but in just a year, Isaiah made $5,000. That was enough to send his whole family Disney World.

The teen, who is about to become a freshman in high school, said going to Disney felt even better know he got there because of his own hard work. Now that he's accomplished his first goal, he has his sights set on the next. Isaiah hopes to sell enough cupcakes to buy himself a car.

The ambitious baker also hopes to go to culinary school when he graduates, and plans on opening a bakery or restaurant. He's already halfway there, as Isaiah's Tasty Treats continues to be a success.