Troopers haul hurricane relief supplies from Tennessee to Florida

By: Julie Montanaro | WCTV Eyewitness News
November 27, 2018

TALLAHASSEE (WCTV) -- Tennessee troopers collected, transported and delivered two truckloads of supplies to hurricane victims in Florida.

The semis rolled out of Tallahassee Tuesday morning, packed full of hurricane relief supplies for folks in Panama City. The donations were hauled from the hills of Tennessee to the beaches of Florida.

"Just knowing the damage and the severity of it made us want to do something about it," said Lacy Word with the Tennessee Department of Transportation. "It started out we were just going to try to fill one truck and the response became so great we had to add a second truck."

"It's very impressive how people will come together, people who don't know each other, just to come out and help people they don't know," Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Gordon Roberts said. "I mean, isn't that the American way?"

Troopers from Chattanooga, Tennessee challenged folks in their community to help hurricane victims in storm-ravaged Panama City.

Tuesday morning, they were swapping stories and patches with Florida troopers who are helping to coordinate the convoy and escort it from Tallahassee to Panama City.

"It's amazing just to see the outreach from everywhere, all over the state of Florida and as far as Tennessee. It just means mountains to us in the Big Bend and the Panhandle. It means the world to us," Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Derrick Rahming said.

"We do hope that these few supplies will bring some sunshine back to the sunshine state," Tennessee Highway Patrol Lieutenant John Harmon said. "And help these communities through the holidays."

Those supplies traveled more than 400 miles. The troopers dropped off the supplies Tuesday afternoon, delivering them to troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol in Panama City.

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