Trump on leaving without deal with Kim Jong Un: "Sometimes you have to walk"

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By: CBS News
February 28, 2019

President Trump told reporters in Hanoi he and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did not sign an agreement as scheduled largely because they disagreed on sanctions and nuclear facilities.

Mr. Trump, fielding reporters' questions after the White House abruptly announced the summit would be cut short, explained, "Sometimes you have to walk." Mr. Trump said he and U.S. leaders decided walking away would be better than giving away too much.

North Korea, the president explained, wanted the U.S. to eliminate all sanctions imposed on it, in exchange for the shuttering of just one nuclear facility.

However, after the summit, the North Koreans said that the regime had not asked that all the sanctions be lifted. According to South Korean state news service Yonhap, North Korea asked for five out of 11 U.N. Security Council sanctions to be lifted -- because those five negatively affect the livelihood of the North Korean people.

As Air Force One was about to take off from Alaska, en route Washington, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said President Trump "is aware of" North Korea disagreements about negotiations and outcomes in Hanoi. She offered no further comment.

The summit was truncated, to the surprise of the press, with the elimination of a lunch and a signing ceremony previously on the schedule. Both Mr. Trump and Kim had expressed cautious optimism in earlier interactions with the press. Mr. Trump described the conversations as "productive." When asked earlier if he was willing to denuclearize, Kim said, through a translator, "If I'm not willing to do that I wouldn't be here right now."

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says talks will continue, but there is no third summit scheduled at this point.

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