Trump won arbitration case against Stormy Daniels, Sarah Sanders says

(Image Source: Inside Edition / CBS / MGN)
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By: Blair Guild | CBS News
March 7, 2018

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday that President Trump won an arbitration case against adult-film star Stephanie Clifford, who performs under the pseudonym "Stormy Daniels."

Clifford received a $130,000 payment from Mr. Trump's personal attorney before the 2016 election. On Tuesday, she filed a lawsuit in California asking the court throw out a nondisclosure agreement preventing her from talking about her alleged affair with the president.

"The president has denied the allegations against him, and again, this case has already been won in arbitration," Sanders said during Wednesday's White House press briefing.

She did not offer further detail on what winning "in arbitration" meant, though she was asked. Sanders said that she was not aware of whether Mr. Trump knows of the $130,000 payment to Clifford. She would not elaborate on the case further and referred reporters to Mr. Trump's outside counsel.

Clifford now says that the agreement should be nullified because Mr. Trump never signed it. The document released by Clifford shows that Mr. Trump, who, according to Clifford's attorney, is referred to as "David Dennison," did not sign the agreement. A closer look at the agreement shows that it provides for an arbitrator to award $1 million in damages payable by Clifford to Mr. Trump for each breach of the agreement.

In February, a manager for Clifford said she believed that Cohen had invalidated the agreement by publicly discussing the payment, and that she was therefore free to discuss her alleged affair with Mr. Trump.

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