Two-a-Days: Gadsden County High School

By: Kenny Morales | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
July 31, 2017

HAVANA, Fla. (WCTV) -- Gadsden County High School will play under a new name this year, following the merger between East Gadsden and West Gadsden.

The Jaguars will be headed by former West Gadsden playcaller Joey Striplin.

While the Jaguars will be undergoing a plethora of changes this season, Striplin says the players coming together will be seamless, thanks in large part to a past history of playing with one another as children.

"It first started out with me getting on campus and blending with the players," Striplin said. "We ended up busting the other players to work out and they've played with each other in the youth leagues so it really was easy transition."

Marquise Sailor added "I feel like it all came together and I knew we could do it."

Below, you can view the Gadsden County transcript from WCTV's Media Day live blog. If you missed anything from Media Day, you can visit the live blog by clicking here.

Gadsden Co. is represented by head coach Joey Striplin and by Dentarrius Yon, Sammy Carter, Randall Jones and Marquise Sailor.

Coach Striplin’s opening statements
“We’ve had a great summer. We wanted to get stronger in the weight room and we did that. We’re ready to play and ready to get started Monday. We’re going to be about 60 strong. The kids are ready to go.

Coach Striplin on how the team dynamic is with the combining schools
“These guys have played with each other before in the youth leagues, so it was easy and they knew each other already. It’s great to have a county high school. The blending with the players was never a problem.”

Coach Striplin on building a roster from both schools
“We’re feeling pretty good about every position. We need to work some stuff out, but as far as work ethic, it’s been a great situation.”

Key on expectations for the season
“This season I expect I can do better than last year. As a team, I think we’ll be competing for state.”

Players on the combining of the two schools
Sailor - “I feel like it all came together and i knew we could do it.”
Key - “For me, it was a smooth transition because I already knew a lot of the East Gadsden guys and they were really excited about our season last year.”

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