VIDEO: New York firefighters support, thank hospital workers

NEW YORK (CNN) - Health care workers getting off a shift change at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York, got a special tribute Thursday night.

The New York Fire Department turned out in force to give the doctors and nurses a rousing “thank you.”

While the New York Police Department is called “New York's Finest,” the fire department is known as “New York's Bravest.”

Thursday night, the firefighters provided a morale boost to the hard-working health care professionals in Queens.

They know the hospital workers have also been putting their lives on the line to help their fellow New Yorkers.

Elmhurst Hospital is among the hardest hit in the city. Thirteen COVID-19 patients died there within a 24-hour period this week.

Like the NYPD, the fire department has also been hit hard by the coronavirus. So far, 338 members of the fire department of New York have tested positive for COVID-19.

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