Valdosta City Council kicks off annual retreat

By: Emma Wheeler | WCTV Eyewitness News
March 15, 2019

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WCTV) -- Valdosta City Council is looking towards the future.

On Friday, the council held day one of its annual summit retreat. The meeting is an opportunity for council members to lay out goals for the coming year.

Councilmembers and city staff focused on things like job creation and better infrastructure. The council said many of the topics came straight from the community, and what citizens hope to see happen in their city.

One of the council's focus was on public transportation, and to develop a vision on what public transportation could look like in Valdosta.

Councilwoman Sandra Tooley said public transportation could mean more job opportunities for the community.

"With having public transportation, I see Valdosta having a standard that is more sustainable, something that we can keep, maintain and attract people to," Tooley said. "We want to be able to live comfortable, older people don't always want to drive."

Tooley said a public transportation could help retain millennials, as well as make getting around safer and more feasible for seniors.

The council retreat will continue on Saturday.

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