Valdosta-Lowndes committee looks to improve local transportation

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By: Emma Wheeler | WCTV Eyewitness News
March 7, 2018

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WCTV) – Valdosta residents could be getting some new options to travel around town.

The Citizen's Advisory Committee for the Valdosta-Lowndes Metropolitan Planning Organization is evaluating new ideas to make local transportation both economically and environmentally more efficient.

One of those ideas is to bring public transportation to Valdosta.

Committee members discussed creating a partnership with ride share programs, or with Valdosta State University. South Georgia Regional Commission staff are now tasked with researching the missing pieces to make it happen, like what government subsidies would be provided and what the local cost would be.

The committee is also looking at creating ordinances to install alternative fuel or charging stations around the city, as well as bike racks for bike share programs. SGRC staff said they will now be looking at other similar sized cities in the region to see what kind of incentives could be offered to developers, and what kind of new policies need to be enacted in order to bring these programs to Valdosta.

"It's definitely a way of moving forward, it also increases health and mobility access for many people throughout the city. We have beautiful weather almost 300 days a year, so if we can get people outside commuting, healthy options, it just increases overall livibility of a city," said JD Dillard with the South Georgia Regional Commission.

The committee will meet again in May. Staff said initiating these programs will ultimately be up to city council.

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