Mayor's motorcade delivers Christmas gifts to Valdosta patients

By: Noelani Mathews | WCTV Eyewitness News
December 6, 2017

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WCTV) -- It's the gift that keeps giving.

"It doesn't matter what you give them. They appreciate it so much and they get excited over anything," says Valdosta Mayor John Gayle.

On Wednesday, the Mayor's annual motorcade brought Christmas early to residents at Parkwood Developmental Center.

"So many of them would not have any Christmas at all, so it's really important that we take that responsibility as a community," says Mayor Gayle.

The motorcade brought enough gifts for over a hundred residents, and even left a few under the tree for Christmas Day.

"They get a real kick out out of us showing them the truck and just interacting with them," says Connor Bennett, with the Valdosta Fire Department.

Leading the annual motorcade were Valdosta firefighters, a Parkwood favorite.

"Just seeing the smile we put on their face when we hand out the presents and seeing how much they enjoy it,"says Bennett.

It was his first time visiting the center.

"Just to make them happy is a great feeling," Bennett adds.

The event showing that true joy comes from the act of service. A gift that's priceless.

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