Valdosta State welcomes class of 2020 into dorms

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By: Noelani Mathews
August 9, 2016

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WCTV) -- A lot of traffic and a lot of boxes can only mean one thing at Valdosta State University.

Tuesday, hundreds of freshmen moved into their dorms and said goodbye to their families.

"I'm excited to recreate this whole new room, but it's nerve-wracking because I've never moved a day in my life," says Brooke Goins, a freshman at VSU.

She says she's moving from Atlanta to pursue a major in interior design.

Being the youngest of her siblings, Brooke says she's the last one to leave the house.

"I'm excited. I'm trying to get used to it, but my parent's aren't doing too well with it," says Brooke.

Brooke's father says he isn't ready to let his youngest leave.

"My wife is kinda upset about it. I guess I kinda am too," says Jeff Goins.

He says he's happy for his daughter, but not looking forward to an empty house.

"I've already routed the quickest way down here," says Jeff.

Several parents, like Ivette Kragness, are also saying their goodbyes.

"I cried all week," says Kragness. "Today, I'm a little excited and happy that we're done, but I'm sure as I drive away I'll probably be crying."

Each parent is told that Parent's Weekend is only a month away.

Meanwhile, each student is looking forward to new friends and new adventures.

"I'm excited to make this my home for the next four years," says Brooke.

The next step for students now is preparing for their first day of school.

Classes start this upcoming Monday, August 15.

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