"Voodoo obsessed" defendant sentenced to 35 years in prison

Prosecutors said Kimberly Williams was "voodoo-obsessed." She was convinced the victim had put a spell on her to break up her marriage. (Photo: WALB)

By: WALB News Team
January 30, 2020

BAKER COUNTY, Ga. (WALB) — Two people that prosecutors said set a woman on fire and stabbed her almost 20 times were sentenced.

Kimberly and Lenorris Williams were charged in the incident that injured Georgia Mae Green Griffin and whose house was burned down. Prosecutors had said Griffin put a “root,” or voodoo-type spell on the two.

Kimberly Williams was sentenced to 40 years; 35 years in prison, and five years on probation.

She was given 20 years for aggravated assault and 20 years for arson in the first degree.

Kimberly Williams took a blind plea, meaning there was no sentencing deal worked out before.

On Monday, Lenorris Williams was also sentenced to 40 years. He was sentenced to 20 years for aggravated assault and 20 years for arson in the first degree. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison and the last 10 on probation.

Tuesday, Griffin told her story for the first time.

Determined. Fighter. Survivor. The words used to describe Georgia Green Griffin, a woman who lived through an attack unlike any other.

“They stabbed the victim some 27 times, they set fire to her house, burned her house completely to the ground with her still inside,” said Michael Bankston, the Chief Assistant District Attorney for the South Georgia Judicial Circuit.

Griffin crawled out of her burning home and hid in the woods until she could be taken to the hospital.

Then had three strokes while in the ICU. She survived it all. And almost three years later, she faces her attacker.

“That was sad, wrong, but God knows best. He worked it out and I thank God for that,” said Griffin.

Williams pleading guilty to aggravated assault and arson, rather than face their trial, an enormous victory for Chief Assistant District Attorney, Michael Bankston.

“There is no rehabilitation for this woman. She is evil and she should remain in prison for a long, long time,” said Bankston.

Prosecutors said Kimberly was voodoo-obsessed. She was convinced Griffin had put a spell on her to break up her marriage. Certain to this day, voodoo was involved.

“That was to control our marriage, to keep people from trying to break us up like Mrs. Georgia, a lot of people fighting us with witchcraft, voodoo and stuff like that.” Williams spoke during the sentencing.

Prosecutors said Williams even threatened those involved in her case with hoodoo and voodoo hexes. Screams from Williams’ family members were heard through the courthouse after the prison sentence was announced.

Bankston unwavering in his relief the two will be in prison, unable to hurt Griffin or anyone again.

“Justice was done to have her incarcerated for a long period of time.”

Griffin, with her two daughters, faces Williams in the same room again. Leaving through opposite doors, Griffin on her way to freedom, Williams on her way to decades in prison.

“This is all over and behind us now,” said Rhonda Walker, Griffin’s daughter.

Prosecutors said putting the Williams away was a joint effort between state and local law enforcement.

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