WATCH: Gator takes casual stroll through Florida shopping center

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March 7, 2018

FLAGLER BEACH, Fla -- Living in Florida, seeing an alligator is nothing new, but some people got a really close view of one that decided to take a stroll through a Flagler Beach shopping center.

Denise Nichols-Gearhardt shared a video of the incident on Facebook.

Denise works at Junque in the Trunk, a high-end consignment and antique mall. She was showing a customer the space the store would soon be expanding to when she noticed something moving behind her in the reflection.

The thing that was moving? An alligator!

“I told the customers to either calmly walk to their vehicle or go back in the store,” Denise said.

The customer went to back to the car and Denise returned to the store. She then pulled out her phone to record the gator.

The gator strolled all along the shopping center walkway to a pond at the end of the strip center.

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