WCTV Live Blog: Florida State Seminoles 28 - Louisville Cardinals 31

By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
October 21, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Florida State is back in action in Doak Campbell Stadium, as they play host to Bobby Petrino, reigning Heisman winner Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals.

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Just as the script goes for FSU games this year, it was exciting, never dull and came down to the wire, but ultimately, the Noles came up short.

Dagger? UofL 31-28, 4Q 0:05
Louisville hits the 34-yard field goal to take a three-point lead with five seconds to play.

The game giveth, the game taketh away - 28-28, 4Q 1:32
The Seminoles were driving and were on the UofL 21, but Blackman loses the ball and Louisville recovers with just over two minutes to play.

Bend, but don't break - 28-28, 4Q 4:20
The Noles allow Louisville to to march down the field but the drive stalls at the Noles' 28. The Cards opt to go for it on fourth down, but don't convert, so the Seminoles have the ball with a chance to take the lead.

James Blackman finds Noonie Murray for a 20-yard touchdown connection to tie the game at 28-28.

The touchdown comes the play after Auden Tate was slow to walk off the field.

The defense has played well, for the most part, today and a stop here will be momentous.

Breath of new life - UofL 28-21, 4Q 11:16
The Noles defense stops the Cardinals on a three-and-out and gets the ball back with great field position, needing a touchdown to tie the game. It feels like the legend of James Blackman could be born here.

Bailed out by the laundry - UofL 28-21, 4Q 13:21
FSU went for it on fourth down and didn't convert, but a roughing the passer penalty gave the Noles a fresh set of downs, which led to Patrick fumbling the ball at the goal line and Murray recovering it in the end zone for the FSU score.


Turnover to touchdown - UofL 28-14, 3Q 4:48
The Cardinals turn the turnover into points on a Dae Williams 25-yard touchdown run and if the Noles don't get some offense soon, this game might be over sooner rather than later.

Not what the Noles needed - UofL 21-14, 3Q 6:51
James Blackman threw a beauty of a pass to Ryan Izzo but a Louisville defender ripped it straight out of his hands to give the Cardinals the ball back.

A tough break for the Noles who were looking for a big-gain play to get in the red zone.

Makin' it look easy - UofL 21-14, 3Q 7:04
Thanks in large part to a 51-yard rush from Lamar Jackson, the Cardinals are back on the scoreboard and have re-taken a lead.

Crucial possession upcoming for the Noles - points of any kind will go a long way.

Nothin' to show for it - 14-14, 3Q 9:35
In what was maybe FSU's second-best drive today, they stall out near the red zone and Ricky Aguayo pushes a 44-yard field goal attempt wide right.

We are still tied at 14-14 and this game feels like it's crawling.

Back to it
The second half is underway!


That's why he's the Heisman winner - 14-14, 2Q, 1:04
Jackson with a beautiful pass falls into the hands of Dawkins in the end zone and this game is tied all of a sudden.

If you're the FSU defense, there's nothing you can do except tip the cap. That's the type of play any team in the country will give up.

Scoop and score - FSU 14-7, 2Q 4:08
Lamar Jackson made an incredibly bad choice to keep the ball on a zone-read and it popped out for Matthew Thomas to take it to the house from 34-yards out. FSU leads for the first time today.

Screechin' to a halt - 7-7, 2Q 10:37
What we could have expected was FSU's offensive struggles outside of the opening drive. What I didn't expect was FSU to keep Jackson and the Cardinal offense in check like they have.

Regardless, we've seen no points since Izzo's touchdown pass and it doesn't seem like either side is close to breaking through.


Stallin' - 7-7, 1Q 3:18
After a big completion to Izzo to get into Cardinals' territory, Blackman cannot connect on three-straight passes and the Noles will punt.

In Blackman's defense, only one of the passes were bad, where it hit directly in the hands of a UofL defender.

Defense came to play - 7-7, 1Q, 5:37
On 3rd and 7, the FSU defense swarmed to put pressure on Jackson, forcing an overthrow and an incomplete pass. If the Noles can get points here, they could be sitting pretty.

Nice response drive - 7-7, 1Q, 6:30
Exactly the type of response the FSU offense needed, especially after Jimbo had to use a timeout in the opening drive, but James Blackman found Ryan Izzo on a busted-coverage defensive play by Louisville and we are tied.

Establishing the backs early - UofL 7-0, 1Q 10:40
Both Jacques Patrick and Cam Akers are getting early work to ease the FSU offense into things.

Quick strike score - UofL 7-0, 1Q 11:37
Back-to-back carries for Jackson lead to an early touchdown for the Cardinals. The Cards covered 75 yards on seven plays.

He ain't the former Heisman winner for noting - 1Q, 12:10:
Lamar Jackson, on a third and short, picks up 23 yards for a first down, weaving and dodging his way past FSU defenders.

Coin Toss
The Cardinals have won the toss, and they want the ball first. I'm not 100% sure on this, but this might be the first time this season the Noles will begin on defense.

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